Want your own store that you can manage anywhere with internet access? With Zen-cart and your friendly people at hosting-and-designs.com 😉 we can help make your dreams come true. So you may ask why would I need a ecommerce store?

I’ll give you a couple good reasons:

  1. Are you currently using a website to sale products like Ebay or ESTY? With zen-cart you will never be charged per sale of items thus avoiding Ebay and Esty fee’s, and this can save hundreds even thousands of dollars per year. Heck we know the fee’s paypal is charging you is more then enough without tagging on all the extra fee’s from Ebay or Esty. We want to put money back in your pocket!
  2. No advertisements
  3. Your own unique design and domain name.
  4. Can run on our ecommerce hosting with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. You can’t sell products when your site is running slow or is down.
Zen-cart admin features: Customer features:
  • Editing can be done with little to no HTML knowledge. If you can use Microsoft word you can use zen-cart!
  • Add/edit/delete unlimited products.
  • Add/edit/delete unlimited pages or links
  • Manage or view orders
  • Sell downloadable products
  • View all orders
  • Add coupons/Gift Certificates
  • Auto re-sizes your images for better quality.
  • Offer discounts on mass products
  • Edit payment/Shipping information
  • Edit image sizes
  • Offer free shipping
  • View online customers
  • Use many currencies
  • Change order status (shipped, update, canceled, and ect.)
  • Send emails to all customers.
  • Advertisement manager allows you to add advertisements to your site
  • Newsletter system built in (also Advanced Newsletter system)
  • Built in site map
  • Accept Paypal, Credit cards, checks, money orders, and many more transaction processors.
  • XHTML template system
  • And much more….
  • Change personal info
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Leave product reviews
  • Request product notifications
  • Buy Gift Certificates, and send them to friends or family.
  • View order status & shipping tracking

If zen-cart doesn’t have a feature your looking for we can find it in most cases with the thousands of addons available.

Examples of many addons:

  • Zen-cart Image handler 2 installed on all our systems: This Addon automatically Fixes the size of your images to reduce blurriness, And it also makes them “Web Friendly” which means your pages will load quickly.
  • Zen-cart Column grid layout: Displays products in Columns rather then rows.
  • Zen-cart Ad manager: Ad Manager installs a drop down menu in your checkout page that permits the customer to select where they saw the ad that drove them to purchase products from your store
  • Zen-cart Ask a question: allows the users to ask a question about specific product.
  • Zen-cart captcha: The module is a captcha system for customer registration form. This would prevent the automated programs from creating fake accounts.
  • Zen-cart lightbox: Adds a lightbox effect to product images.
  • Zen-cart multisite module: Manage multiple sites from a single Zen-cart Install of Zencart.
  • Zen-cart phpbb integration: Integrates phpbb into zen-cart.
  • Zen-cart Testimonials manager: This contribution displays customer Testimonials of their experience. A sidebox shows portions of a random testimonial. When clicked on, the full testimonial is displayed.
  • Zen-cart Easy populate: Easy Populate allows you to add/update products from a tab delimited text file, which can be edited in M$ Excel
  • Zen-cart HTMLarea: Easily upload any number of images right into your product description. Preview, organize, and edit all the images on your server.
  • Zen-cart orders exporter: Orders Exporter allows you to download orders from your Zen Cart shop to a tab delimited text file, which can be edited (printed, saved) in MS Excel, or better still OpenOffice.
  • Zen-cart SMS on sale: This mod will send a text message to your cell phone when you get an order. The message will contain the name of the person who sent the order and the amount of the order.
  • Zen-cart additional payment processors: 2checkout, Echecks, Alertpay, Authorize.net, CCnow, Certapay, and many more!